SJG Foods on Radio X! The early mornings are worth it.

Wow, what a week for SJG Foods!

Not only was I really busy with orders and deliveries, off the back of the publicity I had with the article in the paper. I ended up on Radio X chatting about my bakery and (badly) singing to Chris Moyles and the team on his show!

Talking about my bakery on national radio

My early morning baking sessions are usually accompanied by the radio or a podcast. I’m often listening to Radio X during my early morning baking sessions. It felt like I’d come full circle, speaking to the people I’ve been listening to whilst building up my business over the last months.

One thing I was thrilled with, was that Chris & the team gave me so much scope to talk about the bakery! They had obviously googled it and got my website up, as they talked about menu items like the bagels and the Pesto Tear & Share, which I thought was absolutely brilliant. I was lucky to receive a flurry of followers on Facebook and Instagram and a fair few orders and enquiries as a result. My website had over 2000 hits in the space of a few hours too which was fantastic!

What’s next for SJG Foods?

As for what’s next, there’s a little something else in the pipeline that will hopefully materialise in the next few days. Hopefully I’ll be able to share with you in due course! I’m still scratching my head about what to do with regards to scaling the business up. My partner and I discussed a few options over the weekend (as it’s good to have options). But, working out what the best plan is in the short term poses a few problems!

I definitely need more room, more equipment and therefore probably somewhere to rent. Whether that’s a self contained unit or sliding in to a pub kitchen for a few hours a day to cut down my baking time remains to be seen!

As ever, I’ll share any news with you all when there is any!
Stay safe, much love,
Si x