Second lockdown looming – 10% discount during November

So, the announcement of a second lockdown is in the air. Understandably, it has left us all concerned about how the next few weeks will affect and change our daily lives. I’ll be running a 10% discount throughout the month of November. If artisan bread can’t lift our spirits now, what can?

Coming together and supporting local businesses

I’ve been so happy to see the way in which people have rallied around the hospitality sector during the pandemic. Supporting takeaway services, purchasing finish at home meal kits and also buying gift vouchers all helps.

From a customer perspective, everybody’s circumstances and views on the situation are so different. But, the one thing we all have in common is that we cannot afford to let these businesses suffer. Or worse, go under. I believe we have a civic duty to do whatever we can to help local businesses keep the wolf from the door. I, for one, will be doing what I can to keep stocking the local farm shops and establishments I work alongside, with the produce they need to keep making money during this second lockdown. I’m also running a 10% discount on all menu items throughout this month.

Who knows how long this pandemic will last?

The only thing we can do is to abide by the measurements put in place and stay safe. We all know this is of paramount importance to ourselves, friends, family and the recovery of the UK (and the world) in the long term.

Speaking for myself and on behalf of my business; operationally nothing will change. I am very fortunate, offering a delivery service, to be allowed to continue trading. I will continue to do so while adopting even more ‘Covid secure’ practices, making sure that you can be kept assured that there is no risk involved in using my services and ordering my tasty artisan bread.

Simon of SJG Foods slicing some bread on a wooden board and table at a market
Hopefully SJG Foods can bring you artisan bread and bakes to markets soon

Keeping my customers safe at all times

I will be wearing a mask for all my deliveries, as well as gloves to hand the orders over to customers and placing the bags either on the ground, or leaving in a box or basket, for you to take your order out of and return to me. I want to make sure I’m doing all I can for my customers and trade clients, because it is my duty as a business owner who is privileged enough to be able to continue trading, to be as safe and professional as possible.

Promotions and discounts and offers – oh my!

I am looking to running a variety of promotions where customers can get a little extra discount and more for their money. I’d love to help out and reward the loyalty that has helped me to grow my business to where I am now. Follow me on Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date with promotional offers.

In the meantime – stay safe and look out for each other.
I’ll hope to see you soon!
Simon x