Hot off the press – SJG in the local paper, again!

I’ve been really fortunate to be the subject of another piece by the Eastern Daily Press, Norfolk’s local newspaper. I was contacted by one of their photographers who informed me they were looking for businesses still operating in the most recent lockdown. Of course, I was thrilled at the prospect of more publicity for SJG Foods.

She and I met a few days later to take photos of me with my bread as well as a delivery to The Tacons farm shop in Rollesby, which I supply twice a week, along with a few other stockists.

SJG Foods bread in a wicker basket
Some of the bread featured in the Eastern Daily Press article about SJG Foods – Picture: Danielle Booden – Credit: Danielle Booden

A New Year for SJG Foods

Any free publicity is fantastic for a small business like mine. Especially during these times where any support for people and businesses alike may make a huge difference!
I’ve had a really good start to 2021. I’m back into the swing of my routine of stocking farm shops and delis, as well as seeing some of my regular customers again! I’ve had quite a few birthday cakes to bake already this year which has been good fun and something different. I hope to do more dessert baking this year to expand my portfolio and help to keep growing the reputation of SJG Foods even further!

We love to love artisan bread and cakes

Valentines Day is a few weeks away; the menu is up and orders have begun to come in which is awesome! As soon as that is out of the way, I’ll be doing more menu refinement and development, as well as preparing myself for a busy Easter, Mother’s Day and other upcoming events.

Hopefully, my produce can bring some much needed cheer and a ‘delicious distraction’. Especially for those that want to enjoy good food with the company they are permitted to keep as things continue to unfold.

For now; continue to look after yourselves and each other, hopefully I’ll see you down the road soon!
Si x

SJG in the EDP – for the third time

On Wednesday, I got a phone call out of the blue from the reporter at the Eastern Daily Press that covered the birth of SJG Foods and gave me my first write up in the paper back last year.
She told me she was putting an article together about new businesses that had started and flourished during Covid. It felt like a huge compliment to be considered worthy of such recognition!

It still blows me away to think of how far I’ve come. Especially now I prepare for an even busier summer than last year, due to the amount of domestic tourism we are expecting in Norfolk! The farm shops and delis I’m supplying are already busy and will get busier. Plus, there are a few new stockists who will be increasing their orders to two days a week which is equally exciting!

Anyway, I’ve got proofing dough that I’ve taken my eye off so I’ll leave the article link below so you can take a look and I’ll aim to write another little blog soon as I know I’ve neglected my duties lately!

For now, take care and stay safe!