Hemsby home bakery moving to Great Yarmouth premises

Simon Gray of SJG Foods with chocolate orange brownies

SJG Foods will be moving operations from home in Hemsby to a new kitchen in Great Yarmouth, as of September 2021!

Since I started my (now not so) little business, I have been baking all my artisan breads and desserts from home out of our oven. Then cleaning up and delivering it all over the local area to customers and clients alike!

I’ve needed more space and more capacity right from the end of the first month. It quickly became clear that the business wasn’t going to be a flash in the pan and genuinely had the potential to expand.

Lockdown business turned full scale operation

Honestly, I don’t know how I’ve managed it…

Well, actually I know exactly how I’ve managed it. I’ve been getting started as early as 12am sometimes, simply just to get everything done in time. I’ve been putting my mind, body and home kitchen through their paces – big time!

Now, I’m going to have so much more space, including a separate room where I can do all my dough mixing and proofing, before taking it through to the ovens to bake. 

I’m going to have more ovens too – I’ve just ordered them actually and I’m very excited to have extra space to be able to get even more baking done. Hopefully this will mean I can produce the same amount in less time and then some.

Getting a work/life balance back in my life is going to be a crucial benefit to me. The business has well and truly taken over the home (and my life) over the last year!

What’s going to change for the customer?

There’s no doubt it’s going to take a bit of time to adjust to these operational changes. The most obvious and immediate change is going to be the collection location itself. There’s no “shop” as such, although there is capacity to expand down the route of coffee & cake at some point!

Early morning collections may be possible from the kitchen and Hemsby collections may still be possible to arrange too. But they would have to take place later in the day when I’ve made it back home. As ever, when you place an order we can arrange delivery and collection to suit everyone’s needs.

There’s a good chance that I’m going to need someone to take on my deliveries for me. Timewise, the shops and delis I supply are my priority due to opening hours. Now I’m further away from the majority of my clients, time will be of the essence; not to mention the fact that I’m hoping to use this space to eventually bake more bread for even more customers.

I’m still going to be doing markets and events wherever possible too! Having no “shop” at present means that I’m not obligated to any opening hours, giving me the flexibility to make my baking fit around what I want to do and where I’m going…

That’s the plan, anyway, so we shall see how it all goes!

When will I be in the new premises?

The kitchen itself is currently in the middle of a deep clean and redecoration. At this time I haven’t got a definitive deadline or any photos to show you. As and when I’m getting in to get set up, I’ll be sure to give you all some more updates and show you around! Keep an eye on my Facebook and Instagram for updates.

Si x